Cantt Hospitals Details:

The Cordon Dispensary was established in 1926 to cater the needs of civilians working for British Regime in Sadar Bazar. Later due to increasing population it was converted to Cantt. General Hospital. It caters to the need of people of Sadar Bazar adjoining municipal areas and nearby villages about more than one lac population. It provides services to Defence Establishment like PAO, LAO in vicinity.


  • At present the following department – Medicine, Gynec, Ayurvedic & Dentist.
  • Hospital building is in good shape. Wards are well equipped , well furnished.
  • Repairs, renovation and maintenance of building wards are done whenever required by Cantt. Board.
  • The hospital provides Basic Health care services. 16 beded hospital provides good Indoor facility.
  • Large number of patients about 100 per day on average attends for comprehensive Health Care Treatment.
  • ANC check up for female patients and delivery are done at CGH Sagar.
  • It has well equipped laboratory where about 30 routine test / investigations are done daily.
  • Emergency services are also provided.
  • O.T. is present.
  • Minor operations are done: CGH Saugor is DOTs provider (Tuberculusis) Filaria Pulse Polio – CGH is centre for it and it is done 3 to 5 times every year.
  • The medicines are available sufficientry;
  • The demand of medicines are done by Hospital Staff to Cantt. Board Office for purchase and supplied by them.
  • The endemic diseases are water born diseases like Gastroenteritis. Malarial fever, Skin Intective Disease like Scabies, Viral fevers.
  • Adequate medicines are available to treat them.
  • Status of woman and child care it is satisfactory. Kishori Clinic is conducted. Adolescent girls are counseled and treated for all gynaec problems by visiting Gynaecologist.
  • Tetanus Toxide is given to Immunise woman.
  • Rabies vaccine is given to poor persons of Cantt. Area free of cost in dog bite cases.
  • Periodical medical check ups of the students of cantonment board schools are being done regularly.
  • The attendants are provided with bences and drinking water.
  • Extra Beds are provided for attendants coming for delivery.
  • Ayurvedic dispensary is established in 2009.
  • Adequate preventive measures are taken by the Hospital.
  • Regular spray of Anti mosquito is done by the Sanitary department of Cantonmetn Board office.
  • Regular camps by malaria department of Sagar for Anti Mosquito net.
  • Poor Senior citizens should be provided with concession in charges.